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Steve’s Home Improvement strives to be your one-stop shop for any and all home improvement Water Heater project needs. We can help with pre-construction, including monitoring, budgeting, scheduling, and design. We want to help your vision come to life.

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Water heaters are the quiet workhorses of every home. They work around the clock to provide heated water at your command. Some water heater issues can cause the unit to break down or malfunction. When this happens, it is important to call a professional.

Some of the signs that let you know your hot water heater is failing include:
  • No Hot Water
  • High Pitched Whining Noise
  • Smells of Rotten Eggs
  • Leaking or Pooling Water
  • Pilot Light will not Light
  • Inadequate Amounts of Hot Water
  • Rumbling or Popping Sounds
  • Rust Colored Water
  • Home Builder

If you are having issues with your water heater not working properly, don’t hesitate to call Steve today for a free consultation.